Saturday, June 24, 2006

Celebrating summer...

.... with a gazpacho! There's nothing like an ice-cold soup on an oven-hot day.

I posted the recipe last year here.


Nandita said...

Hi Estelle!
I know what you mean by having an ice cold soup on a really hot day-Mumbai was sweltering hot until the monsoons (rains) set in a week ago-so now it's time for steaming cups of masala chai :)
I'm hosting an event for the first time- it's called Weekend Breakfast blogging- I'd love to see your idea of a hearty breakfast in your entry-there's plenty of time, do check the details out here

Estelle said...

Hi Nandita!
I've seen the post on your blog the other day and it sounds great! I have quite a lot to tell about breakfasts actually... Two more weeks before the deadline should be enough to write something on the subject.

bcinfrance said...

This was one of my favorite recipes when I first moved to France and experienced the very hot summers in Albi!

I just discovered your blog from the Top Ten site and it's interesting because there aren't that many blogs about French cooking in English -- and we have the same template to boot!

I'll continue to visit and try to add you to my sidebar.

Bravo on indexing too! I'm trying to decide whether to move to Typepad or go for indexing on Blogger...and I keep hoping Blogger will add some more cool features.

Bye for now!

Estelle said...

Hi bcinfrance! It's so funny that we chose the same 2 templates (2 blogs for each of us)!!! I'll add you to my sidebar too: I really like your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your French cooking recipes! French culinary is very special, I love it!