Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Faire le poireau

I haven't posted a French food idiom in a while... So here it goes! "Faire le poireau".

If you have ever seen a field of leeks, sticking straight out of the ground, one next to the other, quietly waiting for time to pass, you know why "faire le poireau" (to do the leek, to be planted like a leek) is synonym of waiting in line. There's even a verb: "poireauter" (also "poiroter" according to my Larousse dictionary).

And if you "do the leek" too long, you could end up taking root ("prendre racines", "s'enraciner").

I'll post a leek omelet recipe in the coming days... Stay tuned!


salwa said...

:o) j'adore manger le poireau moi

Estelle said...

He he !