Monday, June 11, 2007

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for all your recent visits, comments, invitations to memes, etc... I am sorry I didn't take the time to respond. These past 10 months have been life changing and I am sure you will forgive me for being less and less present on the web once you know what was going on: I was cooking up my very best creation, a baby! Hanaé was born 1 month ago in California. She is, of course, the most beautiful and the sweetest baby girl on Earth. Her dad and I have never felt so happy!

Cooking and blogging have become a bit secondary, as you can imagine... However I will continue reading your many excellent culinary blogs, and I will try posting new recipes on this blog once in a while. I hope you'll keep checking My French Cuisine for updates and that you will make good use of the archives.

A bientôt !


Betty C. said...

How exciting Estelle. Félicitations! I have continued to drop by your blog from time to time and have thought it was a pity not to see more posts. But there are more important things in life, like your baby girl!

The Cooking Ninja said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. I remember my little daughter Victoire born 1 year ago :) Enjoy her to the fullest. Time flies by too fast and before you know it, she will be 6 months old and then 1 year old.

mike said...

Felicitations ! That is so fantastic. We hope to see you back 'online' soon.

Kova said...

Congratulations! I came across your blog as I love French food too! Good luck!

mike said...

Actually Estelle, I have a question for you : Do you know where I can get some merguez sausages in the south bay ? I've been craving a real couscous (not the american one, the real one) but the french guy who sells them at the farmers' market in sunnyvale is always out :-( !

Estelle said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for your kind words! I'm really touched.
Mike, I don't know where to find good merguez sausages... A friend of mine made some himself, though. I'll try to get his recipe.

Doom said...

Congratulations! Such a blessing. I hope life is settling in for you all.

I just stumbled in, and was having great fun reading some of your recipes. I arrived at one of the recipe pages first, and hopped around the recipes before deciding to see what was new. so I just saw this part.

I am not so great a cook, but I do try. Breads and baked goods are my next area to try (again, this time with some hints and tips from a master). But I believe I will try the Le navarin d'agneau, eggs "à la coque", and the homemade fresh cheese as soon as time allows in a week or so. And others as I go along.

You have a beautiful web page. I will be back to look over more of your recipes. I certainly hope you find your way to writing more as your lives evolve.

Susan in Italy said...

Oh! Boy are you good at keeping secrets! Congratulations to you and your husband!

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Anonymous said...

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Soumya ranjan said...

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