Saturday, December 10, 2011

In the mood for brunch

Eggs à la coque are so simply delicious! Click here for the recipe.


Miki said...

I was looking for a chicken recipe on your blog ... and VOILA >> new post!
Thanks for this nice brunch idea!
Such a beautiful colors in the photos, saturated blue and yellow!
I've heard of a joke recently:
"Why French people want only one egg? Because one egg is un oeuf :)"

Guillaume said...

Ah, les oeufs à la coque! je les fais très mal.

Margaret said...

For some reason the 'word verification' has appeared at the beginning of my previous comment, which look distinctly odd. Don't know how that happened. Sorry!

Marie said...

I love eggs and this recipie looks lsimple and delicious. I also love this recipe i found at chef morgan's blog. Simple pleasures


Christi said...

Estelle your recipes are great! Thank you! How does one contact you directly?


Christi from Paris

Estelle said...

Thank you all for your comments!
Christi, you can email me at estellebroyer at hotmail dot com

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Estelle said...

I love this joke :-)

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