Thursday, January 26, 2012

Childhood memories

Hi everyone! Hope the new year started well for all of you.

I spent two weeks in Lyon over the holidays. My head is full of memories, and my camera full of pictures... I tried to capture all the beautiful and delicious food that my parents and parents in law lovingly cooked for us. I will share a selection in a later post.

Just before leaving for France, a friend had told me about a wonderful post she had read on, where Sara Kate gathered childhood pictures of her readers in the kitchens where they first learned to love food. I wondered if I could find any pictures on me in the kitchen(s) where I learned to love food. Glancing through my parents' photo albums proved to be quite emotional. Many long forgotten memories came back to mind. I smiled at the many happy faces and many sweet moments. Among these little treasures were several shots that immortalized my early love for cooking.

Cooking with my Mom (I look just like her now)

Picking wild blackberries with my Dad

Preparing and eating one of my first chocolate cakes