Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome to My French Cuisine!

This blog is a collection of simple and healthy recipes that combine my childhood memories from Lyon, France with more recent discoveries made in Northern California, where I have happily spent the past 12 years. Use the Recipe Index page to browse recipes by alphabetical order of the main ingredient, or the A La Carte Recipes page to browse recipes by type of dish. My Amazon Store lists some of the cookware, cookbooks, and other items in my kitchen.

Here are a few reader favorites:
- Easy quiche crust from scratch
- Quatre quarts pound cake
- Potato gratin like in the Alps
- Pot-au-feu beef stew
- What to substitute for bouillon cube

And here are a few more recipes you don't want to miss:
- Vinaigrette salad dressing (the first thing you need to know about French cuisine!)
- Herbes de Provence (what really goes in the mix)
- Braised beef with carrots (a family favorite)
- Home-made fresh cheese (a simple, universal recipe)
- Pears Belle-Hélène (poached pears with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce)
- Dream-come-true chocolate cake (the best, most melting and light chocolate cake you'll ever taste)
- Madeleines (the very French boat-shaped mini-cakes)

Happy reading and happy cooking!