French Food Idioms

Have you noticed how food sometimes ends up in expressions that have nothing to do with it? Like "piece of cake", "apple to apple", "cool as a cucumber", etc. Well, you can imagine that French people, food-centric as they are, have tons of food idioms as well. Some of them are regional, others are used very commonly all over the country; and all are so picturesque!

I thought it would be fun to explain some of them (the cream of the crop!) in this blog, along with pictures and a recipe if possible. Here is the list of previously posted idioms. Click on any of them to get the full explanation!

If you want to share your favorite French or English idioms, please do so! Leave a comment!

Clotilde had a similar idea and is now posting tons of delightful "edible idioms" on Chocolate and Zucchini. Check them out!